Dimitri is more than a buddy, he is my friend!

SportschoolDimitri and Dave Milan (23 yrs old from Vicenza, Italy) visited the gym together for two months. With a size of a kind of giant, Dimitri is 25 years old and he is half Dutch and half Greek.


Dave: ‘My friend Dimitri suffers of a “light” form of autism, that makes him having some troubles in life to manage himself. You know, lots of people that work in the gyms, they said “we work with people”, but that’s unfortunately not completely true in the majority cases. I’m not the best personal trainer in the world, that’s for sure, but if I can leave apart the modesty for a moment, I can proudly say that I’m very good to feel the heart of who is in front of me.


Let me tell you something: Dimitri is an amazing person!! I learned A LOT in these two months together. I learned a lot and I felt in peace! Because when I look into Dimitri eyes, I can really realize what is happiness in his maximum simple form.


You really have to see how he is happy just to walk to the gym, talking together and joking, full of questions and stories to tell me. Where is the shy Dimitri?  He is vanishing day by day folks. Because it’s only a question of time before Dimitri will realize his potential! He told me that he wants to be a pro drawer, and looking in his eyes… I can only believe him.


Because maybe he will not be successful, he will not be rich or famous, but he will still keep following his dream! And that’s a thing that lot of “us” have still to learn. Me first!


I’m not here to talk about Deadlifts, Sits Up, Push Ups, the routine of Dimitri, etc., these are annoying words. I’m here to talk about the story of the people that I met in my life, my life full of sport and happiness with it. Help somebody and share with him/her your life.’




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